Job opening: DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Internship at ENLIVEN


Stockholm, Sweden


ENLIVEN is a new breed of lean publishing platform intended to disrupt the lifestyle publishing industry. For more information, please see


Job Description

ENLIVEN is looking for an ambitious and highly motivated junior “DevOps” engineer to join an exciting, early stage startup based in Stockholm, Sweden that has developed a cutting-edge web-based platform and mobile application and aims to define the future of publishing.

That person could be you, if…

  • You love new technology and are eager to learn new things.
  • You want to grow your IT skills, preferably with respect to systems integration, website architecture, infrastructure, and/or full-stack framework development.
  • You have great ideas, know how to communicate them, and want to feel productive in a creative, fast-paced and stimulating environment.
  • You want to work with a team that has over 25 years of experience of web development, online publishing, marketing and social media.

In this role you will get to…

  • Receive mentorship and hands-on experience from some of the best in the indistry.
  • Support ongoing development initiatives and collaborate on our internal research and development projects.
  • Work closely with our development team, in all digital channels including Web, Mobile and Social, and eventually hold a key role within the team.
  • Be involved in exciting, high-profile projects, helping internationally renowned writers and photographers to distribute their work.


  • Review and analyze detailed requirements specifications and business cases
  • Independently develop solutions and be able to communicate them articulately, discussing advantages and disadvantages of various approaches
  • Critically review and assess reports, technical literature and scientific text on blogs and discussion boards
  • Work in a small, agile team, collaborating with developers, designers, and marketing staff and participating in decision-making processes to develop concepts for Enliven's publishing and e-commerce platform
  • Install, configure, and optimize open source software in a Linux environment
  • Automate operations and workflows using configuration management tools and scripts
  • Define, build and improve a system for continuous integration and continuous delivery using Docker and Kubernetes
  • Define, build and improve an automated application testing system using Docker and Node.js
  • Gather metrics and continuously optimize all areas of Enliven's cloud-based infrastructure, in order to improve application performance and user experience


  • English proficiency
  • Experience with Git version control and management of code and configuration
  • Knowledge with BASH shell scripting
  • Knowledge of general best practices for server administration
  • Strong analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to discuss your work and collaborate with others
  • Strong desire to learn and to share knowledge
  • General enthusiasm and a sense of humor


  • Experience programming with JavaScript, Python, Java, and/or Go.
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, and/or Node.js
  • Swedish proficiency

Internships are unpaid but, for successful candidates, could lead to full-time employment and equity-stakes in a fast-growing company. This is a tremendous opportunity to grow and be part of the ENLIVEN team early on.